The Weekly Stuff Podcast with Jonathan Lack & Sean Chapman

The Weekly Stuff Podcast with Jonathan Lack & Sean Chapman

Hosted by film and gaming critics Jonathan R. Lack and Sean Chapman, listen to our weekly musings (and rants!) about the world of Video Games, Film, TV, "Doctor Who," Persona, and much, much more! With reviews, top-ten lists, news analysis, and so much more, we pick a new topic every week to discuss in depth, and we hope to see you there! Visit for more!

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    The Weekly Stuff #281 – Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Anthem Woes, DBZ 30th Blu-ray, Gaming Controversies & More

    Dragon Ball Heroes, the Japanese card battle sensation, has finally made its way stateside in the form of Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission on Nintendo Switch, we learned new details about the troubled development of Bioware’s Anthem, Funimation’s got a dubious new Dragon Ball Z box set on the horizon, and the video game discourse is once again mired in some very stupid controversies.

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    Bonus - 91st Academy Awards Reactions from Jonathan Lack

    Jonathan discusses this year's Oscars, talking about the winners, the losers, and what we should take away from a night that had a horrible ending, but a lot of things worth celebrating along the way.

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